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10 ways to revamp your living room on a budget

How to Tackle Your To Do List in BaltimoreYou know the saying “there is only one chance to cause a good first impression”? Well, in your home, the living room is often that first impression.

Walking into your house every day, the first thing you see is your living room and as you leave the worries of the day outside the door, the living room should welcome you to your family life, so it is important that that welcome is warm and cheerful, that it reflects your family’s personality and gives you a good feeling. When you invite guests over, they don’t always get to see your bedroom or the kitchen perhaps, but the living room? They definitely get to see that!

Decorating a living room is where you should put the bulk of your effort and budget, but it doesn’t have to come at great expense. We have compiled here some great ideas that with a little imagination and a little bit of money, can add great style to any living room.

Shop around your home. Surely you have things you’ve put away in a closet somewhere that you can bring to life again. Maybe you can repurpose an item you’ve had for years. Walk around your home and borrow something from another room.

Move things around. Move your sofa to face the fireplace instead of the TV or put your console under the window sill instead of a blank wall. By moving your existing furniture around, you’ll get acquainted with different parts of your living room and will better realize what you need to buy and what you don’t.

Make your own art. DIYing doesn’t have to be difficult or left only for those with an artistic vein. Buy a huge canvas and some latex or acrylic paint and let your imagination flow. A pop of color brightens any white wall. Think big, the more area the canvas covers, the better. Afraid of painting? Print a huge picture and frame it. They are called engineer prints and they are way less expensive than buying a print from a store. If you feel adventurous, you can hodgepodge it to a wood panel or a canvas. Pinterest is your friend here.

Use modular storage units. Use the top surface for displaying stacked books, lighting or flowers and use the cubbies for additional decoration. Each cubby can have a theme or color pattern to bring it to life.

Hang photos. Family pictures tell a story and can bring a lot of life into a space. Go through your photos and pick a theme. It could be a wedding, birthday, vacation… Frame them in identical frames of same or different sizes and hang them as a gallery of photos in a geometrical arrangement.

Light up with candles. Candles look great when grouped together on a surface. The bigger the surface, the bigger the candles you should have. Stick to the same color or color palette and arrange candles of different sizes. To add an additional touch, you can arrange them on a nice platter or in glass containers.

Add some color. A pop of vibrant color can perk up a dull room. Anything from a colorful pillow, a set of books or a lampshade, to an accent wall is fair game.

Pop up a mirror. Hanging or propping up a mirror against a wall is a classic interior designer’ trick to make a room seem instantly larger. Choose a mirror that is at least three-fourths as tall as the wall for maximum impact and making that tight space look roomier.

Add some life. Fresh flowers add a welcoming touch to any room. Put them in a nice vase on a coffee table to instantly liven the space. Plants  are also a great way to add life to a living room. A small bonsai on a side or coffee table or a large potted plant in a corner can make a great focal point.

Accent pieces. You don’t have money to spring for the beautiful couch you’ve been eyeing? That’s alright. A nice accent chair  like this one can complement your current sofa and give your existing furniture whole new life.

Making your living room welcoming and worthy of a magazine cover doesn’t have to come at great cost. Use your imagination, buy some unique accent pieces, add some color and have fun redesigning your space. Don’t forget to put your personal touch, after all, it is your living room!

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