Your very own man cave

I could start this article by asking “have you ever dreamed of having your very own man cave?” But who are we kidding? I mean, who hasn’t dreamed about having their own man cave? And not just an average man cave, but the ultimate man cave, the envy of all of your friends, the one where everyone wants to gather at to watch the big game.

We have good news. In our efforts to help your dream come true, we have journeyed towards the deepest ends of the earth (aka 3rd page of Google) and found some of the best ideas to get your man cave looking ship shape, and best of all, on a budget.

Once you decide on the style you want for your man cave and the theme (be it sports, cars, cigar club, or whatever your heart desires), pick an object to serve as a focal point for the room and around which the rest of the objects will revolve. This could be a foosball table, a pool table or a big screen TV. Think of this object as the spot around which your friends will gather when visiting, the area of the room where the action will concentrate.

Give character to the room by decorating the walls. You can paint them a fun and bold color, cover them with stone or brick, or hang artwork or posters. An inexpensive idea is to recycle wood pallets, stain them and use them to cover one of the walls.

Display your favorite collections or memorabilia on shelves and add a touch of your personality to the space.

You need a bar. What kind of man cave would this be if you didn’t have a place for your booze? You can go all out and build a bar with stools and all, but you can also get creative by adding a cool looking refrigerator (think retro) or converting an old fridge into a kegerator.

Choose your furniture wisely. The rest of your house may have clean lines and modern white furniture, but your man cave has to be… manly, so pick furniture that is robust, elegant and masculine. Leather is always a good choice as it not only gives a sense of elegance, but it is also easy to clean after those wild parties you’ll be throwing.

A man cave should be cool, sure, but the most important thing when designing one is that it shows off your personal style and that it provides a welcoming feeling, so choosing pieces that invite and that are comfortable as well as functional is crucial. Last, but not least, don’t be afraid of a little DIY, after all, you’ll want to show off your building skills to your friends when they come hang out.

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