#endhunger with Price Busters


Have you ever been hungry? I don’t mean you didn’t have time and skipped lunch kind of hungry. I mean the kind o

f hungry in which you are unsure of where the next meal will come from or how you will be able to put food on your family’s table. The kind of hungry that frightens you and weakens you.

If you answered no, then you should know you are amongst the lucky ones and that you most likely know someone who, without you knowing, is facing food insecurity. When we think of someone without access to food, we often think of the homeless, because they are the most visible faces of hunger, however, hunger is rising amongst children and working families. In the richest country in the world, one out of every five kids live in homes that are food poor. According to elementary school teachers, three out of every five children in their classrooms arrive at school hungry.

In Maryland, despite it being one of the wealthiest states in America, stagnant wages and the rising cost of living are causing more and more individuals to struggle to put food on their tables and fulfill a most fundamental need. Many of these individuals work multiple jobs and still struggle to make ends meet, but earn too much to even qualify for federal or state relief.

Hunger is not a negotiable need. This is why Price Busters is supporting the Maryland Food Bank to help feed the thousands of food-insecure individuals who are relying on this hunger-relief organization during this holiday season.

Make a difference during the holidays and help our fellow Marylanders have a joyous time on a full stomach. For every purchase you make at Price Busters, we are making a donation to the Maryland Food Bank during this holiday season.

For over 35 years, the Maryland Food Bank has provided food assistance to the Maryland community through soup kitchens, shelters and other community-based organizations. Be a part of the effort to #endhunger in Maryland with Price Busters.

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