Revamp your bedroom on a budget

         Your bedroom, that zen place where you get to at the end of a stressful day, that little piece of paradise that inspires your dreams… If your bedroom lacks that “je ne sais quoi” that you so much crave for, check out our top 10 ideas to turn your bedroom from slumber to dreamy with just a little bit of money and some TLC.

Your bed is your sanctuary. A new duvet cover and matching shams can help you create a look that reflects your personality, whether you go for classic or modern, graphic or girly. Fill it with a fluffy down comforter and add lots of pillows to give your bed a welcoming look. Make sure the pillows don’t take up more than half of your bed.

Add a headboard. Even the simplest headboard can help make your bed look lush and fancy. If you are into DIY, buying an old headboard at a thrift shop and refinishing it or making one out of pallets, foam and fabric can be a great weekend project.

Fancy up the floor. Create a classy look by adding an area rug under your bed. Make sure the rug is large enough to extend 12 inches around a Queen size bed or 18 inches around a King size bed.

Wallpaper. Adding wallpaper to an accent wall can bring instant elegance to your bedroom. Wallpaper is not only for walls you know, you can add it to the front of a simple dresser to add color and design elements.

Pull out the handles. Replacing standard or old drawer handles with decorative ones can add style to simple and non-descriptive furniture.

Decorate your windows. A colorful valance and neutral curtains can add a wow factor to your window and your entire bedroom. Check out some standard-sized options at home decorating stores or if you are feeling adventurous, buy fabric and make your own! They can easily be hung from a metal rod.

The old with the new. Mixing old-fashioned finds from antique stores or thrift shops can bring a cozy feel to an otherwise stark bedroom and become the focal point of the room.


Bench it. Add a bench to the foot of your bed to turn an ordinary bedroom into a glamorous hotel suite. Add a tray with some coffee table books to bring the look together in an “out of a magazine” way.

Lighting. Mount a light source on the wall above your nightstand and put in a multi-watt bulb to adjust the light for reading or relaxing.

Make art out of pictures.Make an enlarged engineer’s black and white print of your favorite picture or three 8X10 prints of three pictures with a common theme and spring for a fancy frame.

With some creativity, lots of love and a small budget, you can revamp your bedroom and turn it into that little haven where your dreams can come true.

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