How to Pick a Dining Room Set to Best Suit Your Needs


You are finally springing for that new dining room set you’ve been longing for, but with so many choices out there, how do you make sure you are choosing the right one? Should you buy a square table or a rectangular one? Perhaps a round one is a better choice. How big? How many chairs can you fit around it? Should you opt for a bench?

Buying a dining room table is not an easy decision. After all, this is where you’ll share time with family and friends over delicious food and good conversations. So, before you go out and buy the first dining room set you fall in love with, there are a few things you should analyze: read more

King vs. Queen Bed – Hilarious Take On Which Is Better


 No, this is not a chess game, or a revolution in France or a new HBO show.  It is the question we are most often asked regarding mattress size, namely, what is the difference between a king size mattress and a queen size mattress?

The main difference, of course, is size. The king size mattress dimensions are 76 inches wide by approximately 80 inches long – about 16 inches wider than a queen. But sometimes numbers do not necessarily paint a clear picture so we have a few points to illustrate the difference and to help you decide which size mattress is right for you, because as we all know size definitely matters.

For example, if you and your spouse sleep on a king size mattress, you have approximately 38 inches of personal space between you; the most personal space granted by any non-custom mattress.  Now you may ask, is paying more money for 38 inches of empty space really worth it?  If you are asking this, you are obviously a newlywed, so congrats on the wedding.

Soon, however, you will definitely see just what those 38 inches represent.  For example, this space comes in very handy on nights when you and your spouse have once again argued over how much time your mother can spend living with you in the summer, and neither of you wants to sleep on the couch.  38 inches is just enough space to pretend you mate doesn’t exist.  In fact, if you curl into a tight ball you can even stretch that to 39.3 inches.  Believe me, I’ve measured.

Later on in life, you will come to bless, nay, revere, those 38 inches.  That will begin the first night your family plays “Let’s All Sleep in the Big Bed”.

The night will start like any other.  Everyone in your household tucked nice and comfy into their own bed.  Sometime around 1:30 am, just as you have fallen into deep sleep, your toddler, schlepping the 20 stuffed animals she absolutely cannot sleep without, will jump into bed with you because “the nonster in my closet’s gonna eat me an’ rip out my gutses”.  She learned that bit of news from her helpful big brother, who has now, incidentally, also crawled into your bed because his brother/roommate is snoring like a “Tyrannosaurs-Rex with a bad cold”.  Two minutes later said brother, who may or may not snore like an extinct overgrown lizzard, joins the ever-growing crowd on your bed because he thinks it’s a party he wasn’t invited to (middle child syndrome has made him just a teensy insecure).

family bedAt this point, your husband wakes up in a foul mood (in keeping with the T-Rex analogy) and announces he is going to the kitchen to get a drink.  That’s the cue for everyone to realize that they are starving hungry and to put in their food order since dad is going downstairs anyway.  10 minutes later he returns laden with cold pizza, the last slice of the black forest cake y’all had for dessert, a banana, two apples and a half empty carton of milk.  He is closely followed by your three dogs, two cats and one escaped hamster all of whom cannot resist the intoxicating scent of “Eau du Snack-time” and proceed to also crowd into the bed.

After much jostling and shoving, once every creature both human and not, is somewhat settled, you will call for a minute of silent prayer where you will thank the Universe you decided to spend a little more for those extra 38 inches,   And you will all triumphantly shout in unison: Hail to the King!!!!




Your very own man cave

I could start this article by asking “have you ever dreamed of having your very own man cave?” But who are we kidding? I mean, who hasn’t dreamed about having their own man cave? And not just an average man cave, but the ultimate man cave, the envy of all of your friends, the one where everyone wants to gather at to watch the big game.

We have good news. In our efforts to help your dream come true, we have journeyed towards the deepest ends of the earth (aka 3rd page of Google) and found some of the best ideas to get your man cave looking ship shape, and best of all, on a budget.

Once you decide on the style you want for your man cave and the theme (be it sports, cars, cigar club, or whatever your heart desires), pick an object to serve as a focal point for the room and around which the rest of the objects will revolve. This could be a foosball table, a pool table or a big screen TV. Think of this object as the spot around which your friends will gather when visiting, the area of the room where the action will concentrate.

Give character to the room by decorating the walls. You can paint them a fun and bold color, cover them with stone or brick, or hang artwork or posters. An inexpensive idea is to recycle wood pallets, stain them and use them to cover one of the walls.

Display your favorite collections or memorabilia on shelves and add a touch of your personality to the space.

You need a bar. What kind of man cave would this be if you didn’t have a place for your booze? You can go all out and build a bar with stools and all, but you can also get creative by adding a cool looking refrigerator (think retro) or converting an old fridge into a kegerator.

Choose your furniture wisely. The rest of your house may have clean lines and modern white furniture, but your man cave has to be… manly, so pick furniture that is robust, elegant and masculine. Leather is always a good choice as it not only gives a sense of elegance, but it is also easy to clean after those wild parties you’ll be throwing.

A man cave should be cool, sure, but the most important thing when designing one is that it shows off your personal style and that it provides a welcoming feeling, so choosing pieces that invite and that are comfortable as well as functional is crucial. Last, but not least, don’t be afraid of a little DIY, after all, you’ll want to show off your building skills to your friends when they come hang out.

Dress up your dining room on a budget


If you love entertaining friends, but your dining room feels all but welcoming, bring the space from blah to wow without breaking the bank. Check out some of these easy ideas to transform your dining room without spending a fortune, just some simple tricks and inspiration.

  • Someone’s trash can be someone else’s treasure. Visit estate sales, thrift stores, salvage yards and check out online auctions to find unique pieces.
  • Shop your own home and reuse things you already have. Repurpose items to make centerpieces or wall decor. If you can’t afford a few dining room table and chairs, combine your existing set with some eye-catching accessories and artwork.
  • read more

    #endhunger with Price Busters


    Have you ever been hungry? I don’t mean you didn’t have time and skipped lunch kind of hungry. I mean the kind o

    f hungry in which you are unsure of where the next meal will come from or how you will be able to put food on your family’s table. The kind of hungry that frightens you and weakens you.

    If you answered no, then you should know you are amongst the lucky ones and that you most likely know someone who, without you knowing, is facing food insecurity. When we think of someone without access to food, we often think of the homeless, because they are the most visible faces of hunger, however, hunger is rising amongst children and working families. In the richest country in the world, one out of every five kids live in homes that are food poor. According to elementary school teachers, three out of every five children in their classrooms arrive at school hungry.

    In Maryland, despite it being one of the wealthiest states in America, stagnant wages and the rising cost of living are causing more and more individuals to struggle to put food on their tables and fulfill a most fundamental need. Many of these individuals work multiple jobs and still struggle to make ends meet, but earn too much to even qualify for federal or state relief.

    Hunger is not a negotiable need. This is why Price Busters is supporting the Maryland Food Bank to help feed the thousands of food-insecure individuals who are relying on this hunger-relief organization during this holiday season.

    Make a difference during the holidays and help our fellow Marylanders have a joyous time on a full stomach. For every purchase you make at Price Busters, we are making a donation to the Maryland Food Bank during this holiday season.

    For over 35 years, the Maryland Food Bank has provided food assistance to the Maryland community through soup kitchens, shelters and other community-based organizations. Be a part of the effort to #endhunger in Maryland with Price Busters.


    Revamp your bedroom on a budget

    =&0=&         Your bedroom, that zen place where you get to at the end of a stressful day, that little piece of paradise that inspires your dreams… If your bedroom lacks that “

    je ne sais quoi” that you so much crave for, check out our top 10 ideas to turn your bedroom from slumber to dreamy with just a little bit of money and some TLC. read more

    Living room

    10 ways to revamp your living room on a budget

    How to Tackle Your To Do List in BaltimoreYou know the saying “there is only one chance to cause a good first impression”? Well, in your home, the living room is often that first impression.

    Walking into your house every day, the first thing you see is your living room and as you leave the worries of the day outside the door, the living room should welcome you to your family life, so it is important that that welcome is warm and cheerful, that it reflects your family’s personality and gives you a good feeling. When you invite guests over, they don’t always get to see your bedroom or the kitchen perhaps, but the living room? They definitely get to see that! read more