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Living Room

How to chose a living room that best suits your needs:

Your living room is an important space in your home. It is where you spend time with your family and where friends gather when you invite them over, so choosing the furniture pieces that meet your needs is crucial to creating a space that is welcoming as well as functional and that will live up to everyday use.

When decorating your living room, the first step to guaranteeing success is planning. Think about how you will be enjoying this space. Will you use it only when guests are invited or will it serve as the family hangout? Do you have little kids with sticky hands armed with uncapped markers? The frequency with which you’ll use your living room and the structure of your family should determine how sturdy the furniture should be, whether stain-resistant fabrics are essential and the amount of seating you’ll need.

Measure the room and visualize the main pieces of furniture you would want. Most living rooms will have a couch, an armchair or two and a coffee table. Use masking tape to mark on the floor where you would like to place each piece of furniture. Measure the doorways as well to avoid issues with the delivery. You don’t want to end up with a beautiful couch that won’t fit through the hallway, do you?

Go shopping for the basics first. Before adding extra pieces, go shopping for your sofa (or loveseat if you have space constraints), chair(s) and coffee table. When choosing these basic pieces, consider how they compliment each other. Having a theme, be it modern, contemporary, casual, minimalist or old world, can help you maintain a look that looks put together.

Once you have your basic pieces, it’s time to get creative. Adding accent pieces that are unexpected and fun, can bring your living room to a whole new level of wowness. Use accent pieces to let your personality shine. Fun fabrics, an unconventional chair, a stylish side table, an ottoman, a pop of color or an interesting object can serve as a great focal point.

Decorating your living room can be a fun project. Make sure you choose furniture that is both beautiful and comfortable, so you can look forward to coming home to a welcoming and cozy space each and every day.